Australia’s Galapagos

Kangaroo Island (or KI) is the country’s premier destination for wildlife experiences. It’s another of South Australia’s huge wilderness areas – six times bigger than Singapore, or the same size as Long Island, New York, with a breathtaking diversity of natural environments to discover.

Beautiful Kangaroo Island is a microcosm of different landscapes and environments – stunning beaches, forests, sand dunes and farmland. It’s the place to see amazing native wildlife in the wild. So it’s no wonder that it’s one of Australia’s National Landscapes.


Fremantle (West)
Distance 1283 nm = 2 days 16 hours

Hobart (South-East)
Distance 696 nm = 1 day 11 hours

Melbourne (East)
Distance 454 nm = 23 hours

Port Lincoln (West)
Distance 60 nm = 3 hours

Adelaide (Outer Harbor)
Distance 60 nm = 3 hours



Sightseeing Opportunities (Half Day)

  • Remarkable Rocks
  • Admirals Arch
  • Kangaroo Island Wineries
  • Seal Bay

Sightseeing Opportunities (Full Day)

  • Flinders Chase National Park
  • Parndana Wildlife park

Best Hotels

  • Southern Ocean Lodge
  • Ozone Hotel
  • Kangaroo Beach Lodges
  • Lifetime Private Retreats

Best Beaches

  • Hog Bay : 500 metres
  • Vivonne Bay : 101 km


  • Penneshaw Tennis Courts


  • Penneshaw : 1 km
  • Kingscote : 58 km

Other Sporting Activities

  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Surfing
  • Sailing




Working hours

Customs Officers By Arrangement
Quarantine Officials By Arrangement
Immigration Officials By Arrangement

Customs and Immigration

Passenger Manifest TBD
Embarking Passenger Manifest TBD
Crew Manifest TBD
Stores List TBD
Customs Declaration (Ship) TBD
Customs Declaration (Crew) TBD
Forms Comments TBD
Customs Declaration (Passengers) TBD

Port health

Health Declaration NO


Ground Operations

The following Ground Handlers are ACA members and supply superior ground handling services throughout Australia.

Port Approach


Arrival Departure Restrictions Yes - Anchorage
Tidal Variation YES
Prevailing Currents YES
Prevailing Winds YES
Length of Channel n/a
Depth of Channel n/a
Comments n/a

Depth and breadth of turning basin

Location of Turning Basin n/a
Diameter n/a
Depth n/a
Other points n/a




Port Services

Shipping agents


Port Operations/Services

Wilhelmsen Ships Service
Address 9/189 Kent Street
Telephone (+61) 8 8341 0466
24 hour contact (+61) 8 8341 0466
Fax (+61) 8 8341 0506
Services Contact: Kerry Marcus.
Inchcape Shipping Services
Address Level 12, 15-19 Bent Street SYDNEY NSW 2000
Telephone + 61 0 8 8447 4655
24 hour contact N/A
Fax + 61 0 8 8447 6139
Services Jamie Holdaway
Information on other Shipping Agents can be obtained from the Port Authority (see Port Operator).


Are tugs available No
Are tugs compulsory N/A
Tug operator`s name N/A
Tug operator`s fax N/A
Ship or tug lines N/A
Tug working hours N/A


Working hours N/A

Port officials

Working hours 24 hours
Overtime As required


Stevedoring Name or details of suitable stevedores, please contact the Shipping Agent


For details of contractors, please refer to the Client Services Officer at Flinders Ports.
For further information refer to Flinders Ports web site at


Telephones no
How many 0
Notice required N/A


Fuel Grades No
Quay or barge N/A
Suppliers N/A


Fresh Water No
Exquay or barge N/A
No of hoses N/A
Capacity per hose/hour N/A
Tonnes per hour guaranteed N/A
Type of connect N/A
Connect size in inches N/A

Dry garbage

Dry garbage Yes
Barge alongside No
Containers available No
Size of containers No
Number available Not applicable
Incineration or dump No
Facilities to transport N/A

Wet garbage

Wet garbage No
Ship or shore pump N/A
Sludge disposal No
Sludge details N/A


Port Charges Refer Adelaide Port Operator

Repair facilities

Nearest dry dock Sydney - Australian Defence Industries - Garden Island
Length 347 metres
Beam 40 metres.
Maximum Tonnage 100000 tonnes deadweight (according to vessel design)
Divers Available Yes
Engineering facilities Yes


Dredging undertaken No
Dredging when Maintenance dredging only


Port Operator

Port operator

Name n/a
Address n/a
Telephone n/a
Facsimile n/a
Web Site n/a
Email Address n/a

Berth details

Berth Anchorage
Maximum draft n/a
Tidal variation n/a
Berth length n/a
Guaranteed berthing for cruise ships n/a
Are other ships able to dock n/a
Cargo ships at dock n/a
Security fences n/a
Berth n/a
Maximum draft n/a
Tidal variation n/a
Berth length n/a
Guaranteed berthing for cruise ships n/a
Are other ships able to dock n/a
Cargo ships at dock n/a
Security fences n/a

Nearest ports

Australia Adelaide
Nearest Overseas Port Wellington



Terminal facilities

Terminal Building Yes
Meet and Greet Facilities Yes
Toilet Facilities Yes
Telephones Yes
Availability of Maps and/or Brochures Yes
Souvenir Shopping Yes
Money Exchange Yes
Is the US Dollar Accepted? No


Closest Airport to Pier Kingscote Airport
Distance to Airport 51 km
Transport to Airport By Car
Can Passengers Walk to Town Yes
Drive Time from Pier to Shuttle Stop n/a
Distance from Pier to Town Centre 800m
Are Shuttle Buses Necessary n/a
Suggested Shuttle Stop in Town n/a
Availability of Taxis at Pier No
Availability of Public Transport at Pier No
Other Forms of Transport at Pier Hire cars

Tour buses

Distance from Ship to Tour Buses 400m
What is the Normal Coach Capacity 54
Are Tour Buses Air Conditioned Yes
Are Refreshments Provided on Buses By Arrangement
Are Cold Towels Provided on Buses By Arrangement
Are Step Stools Provided on Buses Yes



Tourism operators in South Australia: