Shorex Australia is a truly local, Australian owned and operated Inbound Tour Operator specialising in the Cruise Industry. With a commitment to a sustainable growth of cruise in Australia, Shorex Australia partners with local stakeholders to ensure everyone in the supply chain benefits, and that the cruise guest has the best experiences the region has to offer.

With a fresh and realistic approach to the delivery of inbound cruise, Shorex Australia has a targeted strategy to build and sustain strong partnerships ensuring that everyone wins and can grow their businesses, all while delivering exceptional experiences to the cruise lines and their guests that visit our shores.

Local presence and a focus on key destinations puts Shorex Australia in a good position to hold solid relationships with local partners and develop new amazing product that will benefit the local community, the guests and the cruise lines.



Our Services

Shore Excursions
Providing Shore Excursion programs for the cruise industry visiting ports around Australia.

Pre/Post and Overland programs
Providing Pre & Post cruise land programs and mid cruise Overland’s for the cruise lines visiting Australia, to provide guests with the opportunity to experience all the greatness the country has to offer.

Turnaround Services
Providing pre & post hotel stays, staffing, transfers and operational management to facilitate the turnaround operations for the cruise lines as the start and end of their voyage.

With world class event spaces and experiences available in Australia, we are committed to design and deliver outstanding one-off experiences for the cruise lines looking to have shoreside events throughout their cruise.

Destination Support & Consulting
With the growth and diversity of cruise coming to Australia it is ever so important that the destinations and communities understand, and are provided the tools to, best benefit from this industry. Shorex Australia works closely with state and regional stakeholders to ensure the local community gets support and commitment from the industry to grow their regions and businesses sustainably.


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