Blessed with a backdrop of the bluest waters inhabited by a pod of friendly wild dolphins, Bunbury is also the northern gateway to one of the most bio diverse regions on earth.

Here you can experience world-class wine, pristine beaches and forests of timber giants in a single day.

Bunbury also provides the largest range of shopping of any regional port in Western Australia.

Highlights of Bunbury

  • Experience a dolphin eco-cruise on Koombana Bay.
  • View the exhibits at Western Australia’s largest regional gallery.
  • Visit the famous “Taffys” lolly shop with views over the water.
  • Visit Bunbury Wildlife Park, with 60 varieties of birds and marsupials.

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Situated on a peninsular and known as the City of Three Waters, Bunbury is an aquatic playground offering a number of water-based activities.

People can swim and snorkel at local beaches, interact with wild but friendly dolphins and dive on a nearby shipwreck. But despite its range of nature-based attractions, Bunbury is also a vibrant, modern city with attractive dining, cultural and shopping options.

Natural attractions

Nature lovers are spoilt for choice in Bunbury. They can walk where lava flowed thousands of years ago by visiting the prehistoric basalt rock at Bunbury’s Back Beach. Hand-feed kangaraoos at the Big Swamp Wildlife Park.

And keep an eye out for wetland fauna while strolling through the Big Swamp reserve which is home to more than 70 species of birdlife.


Markets operate at Bunbury’s Bicentennial Square on days when cruise ships are in port. Featuring buskers, wine tasting and stalls selling handmade products and souvenirs, the markets create a festive buzz about the city and are a popular place for visitors – and locals – to pick up a bargain.


People come from all over the world to interact with Bunbury’s wild bottlenose dolphins. Visitors can get up close to these gentle creatures in the calm waters of Koombana Bay. An onsite interpretative centre, complete with 360 degree theatre and animated display, gives people the chance to learn about the dolphins.


Known as the shopping capital of the region, Bunbury is the jewel in the South West region’s shopping crown. It offers a range of quality stores in a relaxed setting. As well as shopping centres and retail chain stores, the city boasts a number of specialist shops and boutiques.

Arts, culture and entertainment

Bunbury is known as the cultural and entertainment hub of the region and people visiting the city can look forward to a comprehensive program of local, state and national acts and exhibitions. The Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre is renowned for its contemporary and classic performances. Grand Cinemas is the place to see the latest films.

Bunbury Regional Art Galleries showcases national art exhibitions and the work of local artists. And an extensive public art collection is scattered throughout the city.

A range of fun-filled events, including horse racing carnivals and national sports competitions, are drawcards for the region.


Heritage enthusiasts can gain insight into Bunbury’s past by visiting local historic buildings. Venture to King Cottage Museum (1880), the Rose Hotel (1865) and St Marks Church (1824) – the second oldest church in Western Australia. Admire the 1860s architecture and workmanship evident in the Old Post Office and Courthouse, or visit the new St Patrick’s Cathedral which opened in March 2011.

Dining out

Bunbury serves up excellent coffee and fine dining options at award-winning cafes and restaurants. People can enjoy spectacular views with a meal on the waterfront, or soak up the atmosphere when enjoying a casual coffee and slice of cake on the city’s popular cappuccino strip. Local gourmet produce features on many menus. There is also a great choice when it comes to pubs, clubs and late night bars.

Explore diverse regions

The compact nature of the dynamic South West region means people can explore beyond Bunbury with ease.
Day tours provide visitors with the opportunity to discover nearby areas. The Ferguson Valley wine region and quirky Gnomesville are located in Bunbury’s backyard, while the Busselton Jetty and Underwater Observatory and Margaret River wine region are a little further afield.

Other regional attractions include the ancient caves of Yallingup and Augusta, while literature lovers will enjoy having lunch or a coffee at Harvey’s Stirling Cottage where celebrated Australian author and illustrator May Gibbs lived and was believed to have drawn inspiration for her classic Snugglepot and Cuddlepie books.



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