Where the desert meets the sea, the exotic pearling port of Broome is a town of striking contrasts.

Nature has blessed Broome with 22 kilometres of beautiful white sand and turquoise water at Cable Beach, striking rust-red cliffs, Broome pearl farms and 120 million year old dinosaur footprints.

Rich in history and colour, Broome is a melting pot of cultures, creating an exotic mix of historic sites and fusion flavours.

Highlights of Broome

  • See the world’s biggest pearl and pick up a souvenir from the pearl showrooms of Chinatown.
  • Experience the fantastic colours of Roebuck Bay while sampling the locally brewed beers at Matso’s.
  • Take in a sunset on one of the most stunning beaches in the world.

For more information please visit visitbroome.com.au or australiasnorthwest.com.au




Highlights of Broome

  • Discover 120 million year old Dinosaur Footprints
  • Jump aboard an Eco cruise to see the largest known population of Snubfin Dolphins
  • See the incredible colours and waterfalls of the Kimberley aboard a scenic flight over Broome & the Kimberley coastline
  • Enjoy a film in the oldest operating picture garden in the world
  • View Australia’s largest saltwater, fine quality Pearl 
  • Take a sunset camel ride along the famous Cable Beach

For more information please visit visitbroome.com.au or australiasnorthwest.com.au 


Working hours

Customs Officers 24 hours
Quarantine Officials 24 hours
Immigration Officials As for Customs

Customs and immigration

Passenger Manifest Three copies at the first port of call with one copy to Immigration with the passengers card one copy to Customs and the third copy to remain on board the ship.
Embarking Passenger Manifest 3 copies - 1 to Customs 1 to Port 1 stays
Crew Manifest 2 - 1 at first port to Immigration 2nd stays.
Stores List 2 (Aust. Customs Service and Sydney Ports Corporation
Customs Declaration (Ship) 1 (Australian Customs Service)
Customs Declaration (Crew) 2 (Australian Customs Service)
Forms Comments All forms listed above are produced at the first Australian port of call and then one copy of each form travels on board the ship to be produced at subsequent ports.
Customs Declaration (Passengers) One at first Australian port of call only.

Port health

Health Declaration One (pratique) at first Australian port of call only


Ground Operations

The following Ground Handlers are CDU members and supply superior ground handling services throughout Australia.

Port Approach


Arrival Departure Restrictions No
Tidal Variation 9 metres
Prevailing Currents 3 knots - 5 knots in spring
Prevailing Winds
Length of Channel N/A
Depth of Channel 13 metres at zero datum on new approach channel opening January 1999.
Comments Size of vessel governed by length of berth (183 metres and depth of 10 metres at zero datum. Largest vessel to visit: Superstar GRT 76,800 LOA 268 metres.

Depth and breadth of turning basin

Location of Turning Basin 18.5ᄚS 122.13.2ᄚE
Diameter 0.5 mile wide and 0.5 mile length
Depth Least depth 6.1 metres
Other points Approach to turning basin 5 metre patch channel rock (below datum)


Pilotage Name Port of Broome
Pilotage Address PO Box 46, Broome WA 6725
Pilotage Phone No 61 9192 1304
Pilotage Fax No 61 9192 1778
Is Pilotage Compulsory Yes on all vessels with a GRT>500t
Position of Pilot Pickup 4 nautical miles west of Gantheaume Point
Distance from Berth 8 nautical miles
Pilot VHF Channel 16
Description of Pilot Boat 17 metre vessel
Pilot Hours 24 hour
Pilotage Fees Charges cover both inward and outward pilotage.
  (1,500 - 3,000) $1670
  (3,001 - 5,000) $2234
  (5,001 - 10,000) $3239
  (10,001 - 20,000) $400
  (20,001 - 30,000) $468
  (Over 30,000) $5136


Port Services

Shipping agents

The following CDU members offer superior service throughout the region.

Port Operations/Service

Barwil Agencies Oceania
Address 9/189 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone +61 2 9439 7223
24 hour contact +61 416 189 760
Fax +61 2 9439 8587
Website www.barwil.com
Email sydney@barwil.com.au
Services Contact: Greg Coopman.
Oceania Maritime Services (OMS)
Address Level 12, 15-19 Bent Street SYDNEY NSW 2000
Telephone 61 2 82273000
24 hour contact +61 411 123 013
Fax +61 2 92230029
Website N/A
Email cruises@oceaniamaritime.com.au
Services Rebecca Reid
Information on other Shipping Agents can be obtained from the Port Authority (see Port Operator).


Are tugs available Yes
Are tugs compulsory Yes
Tug operator`s name Broome Marine and Tug
Tug operator`s fax N/A
Ship or tug lines N/A
Tug working hours Available 24 hours


Working hours Available 24 hours

Port officials

Working hours 0730 to 1630
Overtime Yes - before or after normal working hours


Stevedoring Name for details of suitable stevedores, please contact the Shipping agent
Stevedoring Address n/a
Stevedoring Telephone n/a
Stevedoring Fax n/a
Working Hours n/a


For details of several quality, competitively priced provedores please contact the Shipping Agent.


Telephones Yes
How many n/a
Notice required Yes


Fuel Grades Diesel
Quay or barge Quay
Suppliers Shell/BP/Ampol


Fresh Water Yes
Exquay or barge Yes
No of hoses 2
Capacity per hose/hour 60 tonnes
Tonnes per hour guaranteed 100 tonnes
Type of connect BIC
Connect size in inches 2.5 inches

Dry garbage

Dry garbage Yes
Barge alongside No
Containers available Yes
Size of containers 44 Gallon drums with lids
Number available As required
Incineration or dump Incinerator
Facilities to transport Road tanker

Wet garbage

Wet garbage Yes
Ship or shore pump Shore
Sludge disposal Yes
Sludge details Arranged on request


Port Charges Berthage dues $0.12 per gross registered tonne per day. Water $1.60 per kilolitre.

Repair facilities

Nearest dry dock Singapore
Length 300 metres
Maximum Tonnage 80000 GRT
Divers Available n/a
Engineering facilities n/a


Dredging undertaken No
Dredging when n/a


Port Operator

Port operator

Name Port of Broome
Address PO Box 46 Broome WA 6725
Telephone 61 8 9192 1304
Facsimile 61 8 9192 1778
Web Site www.broomeport.com
Email Address ceo@broomeport.com

Berth details

Berth Broome Deep Water Jetty
Maximum draft "10 metres outer
Tidal variation 9 metres inner"
Berth length 183 metres
Guaranteed berthing for cruise ships N/A
Are other ships able to dock N/A
Cargo ships at dock N/A
Security fences N/A

Nearest ports

Australia Darwin
Nearest Overseas Port Bali



Terminal facilities

Terminal Building n/a
Meet and Greet Facilities n/a
Toilet Facilities n/a
Telephones n/a
Availability of Maps and/or Brochures n/a
Souvenir Shopping n/a
Money Exchange n/a
Is the US Dollar Accepted? n/a


Closest Airport to Pier Broome
Distance to Airport 8 km
Transport to Airport n/a
Can Passengers Walk to Town n/a
Drive Time from Pier to Shuttle Stop n/a
Distance from Pier to Town Centre 8 km
Are Shuttle Buses Necessary n/a
Suggested Shuttle Stop in Town n/a
Availability of Taxis at Pier n/a
Availability of Public Transport at Pier n/a
Other Forms of Transport at Pier n/a

Tour buses

Distance from Ship to Tour Buses n/a
What is the Normal Coach Capacity n/a
Are Tour Buses Air Conditioned n/a
Are Refreshments Provided on Buses n/a
Are Cold Towels Provided on Buses n/a
Are Step Stools Provided on Buses n/a


Tourism operators