Sydney Opera House Tour

Discover insider secrets and stories of the Opera House, artists and performances, and step inside the iconic theatres & foyers that bring to life over 1,800 performances annually. Explore the building with our friendly guides, learn about how Jørn Utzon’s vision came into existence against impossible odds, and capture photographs from rare vantage points. Elevate your experience by opting the Tour and Dine package offering an indulgent dinner for two at the House Canteen, the package creates the perfect opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal overlooking the breathtaking views of the Sydney Harbour from the Opera Bar.


Sydney Opera House Backstage Tour

The Backstage Tour grants you VIP access to go behind the-scenes of the Opera House. Witness the inner workings of orchestra pit, explore inside a dressing room, and hear insider stories and secrets from your knowledgeable tour guide. Complete the experience with a delectable hot breakfast hosted by your guide in the Green Room – an exclusive space reserved for our crew and performers, adding the perfect finale to your behind-the-scenes adventure. Pre bookings are essential for this extraordinary experience.


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