Hobart Airport is the gateway to Tasmania's capital city and the island's busiest access point with over 60% of visitors travelling through Hobart Airport.  

With annual passenger growth of over 5% over the past 3 years it is one of Australia's fastest growing airports, Hobart Airport will welcome 2.3 million visitors in 2017.  

With a picturesque approach and only 15 minutes to the city centre it provides the perfect arrival to Tasmania for visitors and a convenient location for logistics operations.  

Hobart Airport is also the base for the Australian Government Antarctic Program air operations, with regular summer flights between Hobart and Wilkins Runway in Antarctica.  

Hobart Airport is also undertaking a runway extension, which will increase the current 2225m runway to 2725m runway length.  

This project will be completed by March 2018 and will enable direct flights from Hobart to South East Asia and China.


6 Hinkler Road
Cambridge TAS 7170

Matt Cocker