Wilh. Wilhelmsen Group is a leading international provider of maritime services, headquartered in Oslo, Norway and celebrating 158 years of business in 2019.

Wilhelmsen Maritime Services AS (WMS) is wholly owned by the Wilh.

Wilhelmsen Group and is a leading global provider of solutions, products, and services to the maritime and offshore industry.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service AS (WSS) is wholly owned by Wilhelmsen Maritime Services AS and is the world’s largest maritime services company offering a full range of Ships Agency Services, and is complemented by our Unitor Marine Products, Unitor and Nalfleet Chemicals, and Maritime Logistic services.

WSS Ships Agency division has an extensive network which provides agency solutions to the shipping industry across the globe.

WSS Ships Agency have 201 offices across 59 countries worldwide, 2,000 ports serviced, 2,050 employees & 75,000 port calls handled in 2019.

WSS Australia handle over 300 Cruise Ship Port Calls per year with alone 100+ Turn Around Calls plus Overseas Territory visits at Norfolk Island and Antarctica and support in PNG.

WSS Australia is well experienced in managing Cruise ship visits for Turn and/or Transit visits, as well as assisting its cruise line customers with Itinerary planning needs and conflicts resolutions and general support on special projects and needs.

WSS have their own Cruise Department supporting its Cruise Customers and is based in Sydney.


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