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Hull Treatment Specialists

The management of biofouling on ship hulls has captured the attention of seafarers for thousands of years. Throughout history, the maritime sector has witnessed gradual technological advancements that have significantly improved this field. Hull Cleaning is the next advancement in this evolution, creating a quick and safe antifouling mechanism. This process involves the regular and gentle mechanical maintenance of submerged ship hulls to keep them free from unwanted substances like biofouling organisms and debris, all while eliminating any scrubbing of or damage to the coating. However, achieving the desired outcome of a clean hull while meeting the requirements of being gentle, frequent, and habitual has proven to be a challenge, until now.

Introducing UVTreatment, a robotic hull cleaning service that brings the concept of "Biofilm free hulls" to life. By integrating a Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) business model with the tried and tested application of ultraviolet light (UV), UV Clean will revolutionize the industry. The advanced UV  Treatment crawler offers distinct advantages such as a small footprint that can access tighter spaces on the hull and caterpillar tracks that are gentle on hull coatings. Thanks to the efficiency and size of the crawler, antifouling can be performed more often by applying UV to remove biocides while safeguarding the hull coating. Furthermore, the UV Treatment system provides valuable feedback to shipowners by creating a comprehensive hull condition survey with each cleaning. By employing cameras and sensors, the robot can detect any signs of damage or corrosion at an early stage, allowing for prompt rectification or ongoing monitoring, as deemed necessary.

UV Treatment is transforming an industry that has adhered to traditional practices for centuries, offering a service solution that ensures biofilm-free hulls and provides crucial hull intelligence to the marine sector. With UV Treatment, the dream of operating with pristine hulls becomes a reality, supported by cutting-edge technology and an unwavering commitment to excellence in hull maintenance.




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