How do you maximise the appeal of your cruises to this part of the world ? It is easy.

Simply tap into the largest pool of professional maritime knowledge on the Great Barrier Reef - AUSTRALIAN REEF PILOTS - and take advantage of a range of unrivalled value-added services:

Extensive cruise industry experience: All our pilots have cruiseship pilotage experience;

Professional-standard lecturing: We have a pool of cruiseship specialist pilots equipped and ready to assist your Cruise Director with lectures, port talks and informed bridge commentaries (ask for a Specialist when ordering a pilot);

High-quality professional pilotage in all compulsory, non-compulsory and IMO-recommended pilotage districts: All our pilots hold unrestricted federal licenses for the entire Great Barrier Reef region;

Professional advice: You pilotᄀᆭs duties extend beyond pilotage; his detailed knowledge of the region is available to the captain and his officers at any time, day or night;

Extensive local knowledge and experience: All our pilots were captains of ships trading in Great Barrier Reef waters before joining the Pilot Service.

Contact AUSTRALIAN REEF PILOTS for our exclusive cruiseship advisory service, tailored to suit your individual program. Invaluable pre-voyage itinerary planning advice about scenic highlights, anchorages, distances, tidal information, etc., is freely available on request.

Pilotage in the Great Barrier Reef is regulated and licensed by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). For vessels of 70m LOA and above pilotage is compulsory from Cairns to Cape York, and also in Hydrographers Passage, Torres Strait and the Great North East Channel are IMO-Recommended pilotage districts. IMO has declared the Reef a Particularly Sensitive Area, requiring the highest possible level of environmental protection. This is the worldᄀᆭs first area to be so classified.

AUSTRALIAN REEF PILOTS rigidly maintains the same professionalism and high standards of entry and training that have been the hallmark of pilotage in this region for more than a century. Collectively, its pilots have over 300 years of pilotage experience. AUSTRALIAN REEF PILOTS has Quality Assurance ISO 9002 accreditation.

AUSTRALIAN REEF PILOTS owns and operates a range of pilot stations, launches, helicopters and VHF/UHF communications networks. Its wholly-owned subsidiary Reef Helicopters has a fleet of single-engine and twin-engine helicopters in service, operating surveillance, medical/evacuation and general charter work in addition to pilot-transfer duties.


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