In the heart of the South Pacific lies a beautiful island surrounded by an emerald green lagoon.

New Caledonia is a land like no other, offering visitors an insight to a paradise of undeniable beauty and ecological treasures, all waiting to be discovered.

A land of great contrasts, New Caledonia is an archipelago formed by the main island ("Grande Terre" Mainland), Loyalty Islands, Isle of Pines and numerous small picturesque islets.

New Caledonia lends itself to superlatives: the Largest Lagoon in the World; the largest variety of endemic botanical species and the proud owner of one of the richest tropical rainforests in the world.

It is a land beyond boundaries. A unique land which finds its unusual impulsion in its eventful geological history. The diversity of landscapes is beyond imagination, the fauna and flora evolving freely amongst mangroves, savanna, bush and forests.

Free spirited, guided by its own inspiration, New Caledonia is also a land of authentic and diverse cultures and cuisines.

History has made it a land of exile, and since, New Caledonians have turned it into a warm and welcoming land.

The bush and its wide open spaces, diving opportunities in emerald green waters along the reef, the Melanesian tribes residing in the valleys, hidden in the lush tropical vegetation, Noumea with its French inspired architecture and its large pleasant bays.



Sightseeing Opportunities (Half Days)

  • City tour (in bus or with Le petit train);
  • Aquarium;
  • Botanical garden;
  • Tjibaou cultural center with Melanesian show;
  • Museums : Noumea, New Caledonia, Maritime history etc.

Sightseeing Opportunities (Full Day)

  • Excursion to the Great South in a four wheel drive minibus (Blue river provincial park);
  • Amedee Lighthouse;
  • Casy island;
  • Escapade Island;
  • Mont Koghi and Dumbe'a.

Dining (Best Restaurants for Lunch and Dinner)

There are over 130 restaurants in Noumea to suit a variety of tastes and budgets.

Welcome to "Flavour island"

Around the great French cooking tradition, New Caledonia has united both its own specialities and a range of tastes from around the world. Whatever your preference is, there is food for every palate in New Caledonia including exotic flavour, French "nouvelle cuisine" and fast food.

Evening Entertainment

  • The Thursdays evening on Anse Vata (every week the Office du Tourisme hold a special theme evening for visitors to enjoy the different market stalls located along Anse Vate beach - just across from Parkroyal Noumea);
  • Dinner shows in the hotels;
  • Tjibaou Cultural Centre exhibitions & performances in the theatrette;
  • Discos & nightclubs;
  • Choice of 2 Casinos in Noumea (Grande Casino located nearby Le Meridien Noumea & the other is located at Novotel Surf Noumea).

Best Hotels

  • Le Mridien Noumea;
  • Parkroyal Noumea;
  • Novotel Surf Noumea;
  • Appartel Le Stanley;
  • Kuendu Beach (overwater bungalows).

Best Beaches

  • Baie des Citrons;
  • Anse Vata;
  • Kuendu Beach.


  • Tina 18 hole golf course is located at Tina Peninsula approximately 10 minutes drive from city centre.


  • Ouen Toro tennis courts;
  • Receiving tennis courts.

Other Sporting Activities

  • Windsurfing;
  • Scuba diving;
  • Sailing.

Best Shopping Areas

  • Noumea - city centre;
  • Port Plaisance commercial gallery;
  • Palm Beach commercial gallery.

Best Shopping Buys

  • Wood artefacts;
  • Local printed sarongs and table clothes;
  • Local coffee;
  • Polynesian pearls;
  • A large variety of French brands.



Working hours

Customs Officers 0700-1100 & 1300-1700
Quarantine Officials 0700-1100 & 1300-1700
Immigration Officials 0700-1100 & 1300-1700

Customs and Immigration

Passenger Manifest Yes (3ex)
Embarking Passenger Manifest Yes (3ex)
Crew Manifest Yes (3ex)
Stores List Yes (2ex)
Customs Declaration (Ship) Yes (3ex)
Customs Declaration (Crew) Yes (3ex)
Forms Comments Yes (3ex)
Customs Declaration (Passengers) Yes (3ex)

Port health

Health Declaration Yes (1ex)


Port Approach


Arrival Departure Restrictions No (24/24 services)
Tidal Variation 1,50 m
Prevailing Currents n/a
Prevailing Winds n/a
Length of Channel BOULARI Pass - 12 M
  DUMBEA Pass - 11M
  HAVANNAH Pass - 36 M
Depth of Channel 12 meters
Comments n/a

Depth and breadth of turning basin

Location of Turning Basin n/a
Diameter n/a
Depth n/a


Pilotage Name New Caledonia Pilot Station
Pilotage Address BP 344, 98845 Noum←a Cedex
Pilotage Phone No 00(687)27 32 74
Pilotage Fax No 00(687)27 71 78
Is Pilotage Compulsory Yes
Position of Pilot Pickup BOULARI - 2 M outside on leading light
  DUMBEA - 2 M outside reef
  HAVANNAH - Abeam GORO Light House
Distance from Berth n/a
Pilot VHF Channel 12
Description of Pilot Boat Black hull with Orange superstructures
Pilot Hours 24/24
Pilotage Fees depends of size of ship


Port Services

Shipping agents

Information on several Shipping Agents can be obtained from the Port Authority (see Port Operator).


Are tugs available Yes (1 x 2150 HP and 1 x 2000 HP)
Are tugs compulsory Yes
Tug operator`s name Soci-t-Oc-anienne de Remorquage et d'Assistance ( SORA)
Tug operator`s fax 00(687)27 45 57
Ship or tug lines n/a
Tug working hours 24/24


Working hours 24/24

Port officials

Working hours 0600-1800
Overtime 1800-0600


For details, please contact the Shipping Agent.


For details, please contact the Shipping Agent.


Contact the Shipping Agent
How many n/a
Notice required n/a


Fuel Grades n/a
Quay or barge n/a
Suppliers n/a


Fresh Water Yes
Exquay or barge Exquay
No of hoses 2
Capacity per hose/hour 25 t/h
Tonnes per hour guaranteed 50
Type of connect Normalized
Connect size in inches 2,5 (65 m/m)

Dry garbage

Dry garbage by Trucks or Containers
Barge alongside if required
Containers available Yes
Size of containers 9 to 25 m3
Number available n/a
Incineration or dump No
Facilities to transport per Trucks

Wet garbage

Wet garbage Yes
Ship or shore pump Both
Sludge disposal Yes
Sludge details Yes


Port Charges n/a

Repair facilities

Nearest dry dock Australia - NeW Zealand
Length n/a
Maximum Tonnage n/a
Divers Available n/a
Engineering facilities n/a


Dredging undertaken n/a
Dredging when n/a


Port Operator

Port operator

Name Port Authority of New Caledonia
Address 34 Av James COOK BP 14 98845 Noumea
Telephone 00(687)25 50 00
Facsimile 00(687)27 54 90
Web Site n/a
Email Address

Berth details

Berth Quai des Longs Couriers 4 fenders (2 meters diameter)
Maximum draft 8,90 m
Tidal variation 1,50m
Berth length 110 m
Guaranteed berthing for cruise ships 185 meters
Are other ships able to dock No
Cargo ships at dock No
Security fences Yes

Nearest ports

Local Isle of Pines - Lifou Ouvea, Hienghne - Amedee Island
Nearest Overseas Port Australia, New Zealand & Vanuatu



Terminal facilities

Terminal Building Renovations being done at present, scheduled to be finished in 3rd Quarter of 2002.
Meet and Greet Facilities Yes
Toilet Facilities Yes
Telephones Yes
Availability of Maps and/or Brochures Yes (Tourism Office)
Souvenir Shopping No
Money Exchange No
Is the US Dollar Accepted? Yes


Closest Airport to Pier TONTOUTA Airport
Distance to Airport 50 Km
Transport to Airport Taxi - Buses
Can Passengers Walk to Town Yes
Drive Time from Pier to Shuttle Stop The Berth is near the Town Centre
Distance from Pier to Town Centre 500 meters
Are Shuttle Buses Necessary No
Suggested Shuttle Stop in Town No
Availability of Taxis at Pier No (taxis stations is at Coconut Place at about 500 meters)
Availability of Public Transport at Pier No
Other Forms of Transport at Pier No

Tour buses

Distance from Ship to Tour Buses At Pier
What is the Normal Coach Capacity Large range (from 8 to 60 seats)
Are Tour Buses Air Conditioned If required
Are Refreshments Provided on Buses If required
Are Cold Towels Provided on Buses If required
Are Step Stools Provided on Buses If required



Tourism operators in New Caledonia: